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Basic Gymnastics

Provide an inclusive sports experience for children in elementary school to become self-confident.Learn natural-applied and acrobatic movements. Improve physical condition and coordination. Basic gym helps children become aware of themselves and their relationship to their surroundings. They also support basic health and physical fitness.Body awareness, strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance are important for motor and social skills. Basic gym activities promote development in all of these areas, which are essential for mobility at home and in school and the community.


Play the game, practice basic basketball skills

Basketball - Dribbling

To become a good dribbler and ball handler.


The aim is to throw and place bocce as close as possible to the target ball and thereby score points.Bocce helps develop the coordination of skills. It helps to increase interaction within a team.


The aim is to knock down as much kettles as possible,thereby, scoring points.

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